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[Nap] Family Guy Halloween
Dreamt by zonkitty on Nov. 6, 2013 - Normal Dream
All I remember is Peter and his friends from Family Guy smuggling some drugs dressed as Halloween characters. They disguised themselves as Halloween decorations as some cops drove by then when the cops left they started moving toward where they were smuggling to. Joe was seen walking, but then it was revealed that Quagmire was propped up behind him, making him walk.
Trains, snakes and helpful dream characters (LD + NDs)
Dreamt by Letaali on Oct. 27, 2013 - Spontaneous LD
After arriving to a train station in the middle of a jungle, I start walking and drag this train with me. The train has been transformed to be a lot smaller and lighter. It's smaller than a cat. I continue walking towards the jungle. The road I'm walking is getting worse and worse. Its basically just mossy stone. I fall in a shallow river next to the “road” and see a green snake with black pattern. I throw my shirt on it but it just makes it angry. I'm scared, but suddenly a traveller shows up. He is a middle-aged man with a beard. He picks the snake up with a stick and throws the snake away. As he is leaving he comments on something I said. I probably said something about getting the heck out of that place. The traveller said: “No, you should not leave this place. You would miss out on something amazing.”

I think about what the man said and realize I'm in a dream. I didn't even have to do a reality check. My surroundings have changed, I'm in a small corridor leading to the window of my old room. I want to try jumping through the window. The glass doesn't break, it acts like molten glass but is still cool. I make it outside, but I'm now trapped inside the glass.

I see my friend Touko in the backyard and ask him:
“How do I get out of the glass?”
He doesn't say anything but shows using gestures that I should bite or eat the glass. The glass disappeared when I focused on my friend.
“Thanks Touko, I'll remember that next time!”

I look around the backyard. It's summer. I see my dad outside too. I decide I want to fly. I managed to fly on the roof of the house.
“Fly here with me, dad”
He can't fly apparently. He smiles and makes a joke about something that I didn't care to remember.
“…and just be careful, ok?”
“Sure dad, I always am”
I try to fly again, but this time my intent isn't clear enough in my head and I fall on the front yard. I get up and try to fly again. I manage to get up to 20 meters but decide that I'm better off just running.

I start running towards my…
I came to London through a door in a multi-storey car-park next to a massive mall. The mall was owned by Ben Stiller and he was chasing us to the roof where we fought. He had a baseball bat. I don't remember more about this part, because I didn't really care about recalling details after the following lucid dream

I was in a shop, looking at some running shoes. Two girls had trouble with a coffee maker and some other household appliance. I decided to help and carried the objects for them. We arrived to a huge student apartment. First room we entered was a big living room with 20 students. The living room opened on the right of us and on the left was the kitchen. We continued straight through to the room in the back. it was a smaller room with two computers, sofas and stairs to the upper floor. There were 9-6 students there.

We were looking for some information on the internet and I noticed a piece of paper taped on the monitor. On the paper was a solved math problem.
“I have seen that paper before in a dream, wait this is the room from the dream?”
Then I said out loud “I'm in a dream!” just to make myself believe it more. I felt bad for all the DCs for some reason. My lucidity stopped the dream completely, the dude on the computer stopped talking. Everything stopped when I focused on my lucidity 100%. I stabilized the dream by touching the table next to me, then briefly touching a girl before trying to do one of my goals.

I closed the door leading to the big living room and focused on changing the place the door led, trying to make it a portal to the frozen planet from my previous dreams. I hold my hand on the door and yelled to channel energy to the door. I saw a white light shining through the door. I opened the door but it still just lead to the living room. The room was empty. As I walked towards the front door I thought about summoning a sword, but I didn't believe I could just pull one out of thin air after opening a portal failed. I decided to go look for one but then the alarm…

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